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Here is what Lola.com is all about.

Powerful tools

Simple, yet powerful tools.

Lola's complex algorithms deliver lightning fast results. Robust analysis tools provide unprecedented visibility into travel spend.

Employee friendly

Employee-friendly guidelines.

Give employees what they love — loyalty points, flxeible schedules, 24/7 support — get back happy, productive employees. Simple, right?

Greater savings

Greater visibility,
greater savings.

Lola’s advanced Dashboard delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into travel spend. So you can adjust on-the-fly and save money. How cool is that?

With Lola on your team, everyone benefits.

  • Finance
  • Executive Assistants
  • Exec. Assistants
  • Travelers

Destress and save.

Travel spend’s easier. Simple guidelines add to employee buy-in. Greater visibility into budget helps you save money.

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Destress and save.

Gone are the hours managing company travel. Lola's simplicity gives you back your time.

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Destress and save.

Less stress, more productivity. Book in minutes using your preferred hotels/flights. Plus, Lola's 24/7 travel pros always have your back.

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Life now with Lola is a lot more streamlined. I'm able to focus on other things because I'm not spending time chasing people down to get their travel [info].

alix gregory

business ops

Lola was an absolute breeze in implementing in our process. It was an easy selling point to my business development team... A lot of the functions provided, especially the concierge service, alongside having everything in one app, was just great!

John Hall

business ops

(We wanted) to guide employees but not necessarily to box them in to certain decisions, so we didn't want to restrict them just to the least expensive flight. We wanted to have a system that provided some guidance … and told employees what we think you should book. But if they needed to pick a different flight or hotel, they could.

Frank Schultz

business ops

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