Agile travel management.

The easiest way to book, manage and save money on corporate travel.

Travel management

Simple, yet powerful travel management software.


Lola's intuitive booking app (from the makers of KAYAK) makes it easier than ever to book corporate travel. Now you can save preferences, loyalty programs, and payment options in the same place, taking the booking process from hours to minutes, whether you’re booking travel for yourself or on behalf of a colleague.

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Lola’s built-in travel policies, automated approvals & expensing, and 24/7 travel support team take the pain out of managing corporate travel. No more tracking down employees for out-of-policy bookings or overdue expenses — Lola can automate the entire process.

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With Lola, finance teams always know where they stand in terms of travel spend. With every booking and receipt in the same place, Lola makes it easy to track spend in real time and forecast future spend. Plus, added controls and automated travel policies help finance teams rein in spending and stay on budget.

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Features for the traveler and the manager:

Control spend

Control Spend

Lola’s built-in booking policies and access to discounted fares help finance teams to keep travel spend under budget.



Through Lola, your company can access discounted and refundable fares normally only available to enterprise companies that spend millions on travel every year.

book on behalf

Book on behalf

Saved traveler profiles and preferences make it easy to book travel for your colleagues, just the way they like it.



Hate red eyes? Prefer hotels in the city center? Lola saves individual traveler preferences so travelers always get the most relevant results.

loyalty points

Loyalty Points

Individual loyalty programs are automatically stored in Lola so travelers can earn rewards on every flight and hotel booking.

24/7 travel support

24/7 travel support

Flight cancelled? Need a new connection? Lola’s beloved travel support experts will get everything sorted on your behalf, 24/7/365.

Set up is fast and seamless.

  • Create account

    Create an account in minutes.

  • Set guidelines

    Set an employee-friendly travel policy.

  • Start booking

    Invite travelers, start booking.

  • Business travel software
  • Business travel software
  • Business travel software

Integrate Lola with your tech stack to simplify business travel.

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