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    Chase Ink Business Credit Card Alternatives & Review

    SVB Innovators Business Credit Card Alternatives

    How to Gain Real-Time Spend Visibility for Free

    What are the alternatives to Wells Fargo Business Credit Cards?

    21 Things We Learned About Budgets from Surveying 1,000+ Finance Professionals

    Don't Get Crushed by Your Work From Home Expenses

    E03: Kevin Neary, Controller @ Wistia

    What is a fractional CFO?

    E02: Mike Macaluso, Finance Manager @ Yesware

    Transform Spend into Revenue with Efficient Spend Control

    Brex Business Credit Card Alternatives & Review

    What is Accounts Payable Automation?

    Expense Reimbursement Policy Best Practices (and 3 Templates)


    T&E Reports: What to Include and How to Manage Them

    A Smarter Department Budgeting Process: From Sales to IT

    A Business Budget Template You’ll Actually Use

    US Bank Platinum Business Credit Card Alternatives

    If you’re a CFO, controller, or business owner looking for a business credit card, you have an overwhelming number of options available to you. The ...

    When do I need to attach a receipt to my expense reports?

    E01: Rebecca Morrison, VP of Finance @

    Get a Business Expense Tracker Made by an Expert

    Tail Spend Management: Take Control of High Volume, Low Value Spend

    How Do Corporate Expense Cards Work?

    Why Automated Expense Reporting Isn't Possible (Yet)

    Real Time Budget Management for Startups

    A Quick-Start Guide to Startup Accounting

    There’s never a dull moment as a startup founder. You get to work in an area that you’re passionate about and live out your dreams. If the venture ...

    Budgeting Controls vs Budget Planning: Tools for Budget Management

    Contrary to popular belief, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate budgeting. What works for an enterprise may not work for a startup. ...

    Your Guide to Spend Management Software

    How to do Spend Analysis Fast

    Deconstructing your procurement process

    SaaS Metrics: A Guide for Start-up Finance Leaders

    Over the last two decades, SaaS finance has evolved a large set of industry-specific metrics, revenue assumptions, and leading indicators of success.

    How High-Growth Startups Approach Invoice Management

    How to Consolidate G&A Expenses With Modern Communication Solutions Launches New Spend Management Solution

    Before I tell you what we launched and why, I need to share our journey to this point.

    Your Budget Management Process is Broken

    You don’t need a corporate credit card with perks

    Expense Reports Are a Waste of Time

    For the past 20 years, you’ve had a choice: Approve spend before it happens, and slow down the purchasing process Approve spend after it happens, and ...

    How to Manage Your Startup Marketing Budget

    Startup budgeting is like taking a wild stab in the dark, yet it’s something businesses can’t gloss over if they want to succeed. No matter what ...

    Why An Automated Billing System Is Critical For Startup Growth

    Your time is too valuable to waste on data entry. If you’ve spent some time here on Lola’s blog, you'll know that we’re big fans of automation. When ...

    How To Set Finance Team Objectives & Goals At A Startup (+Examples)

    DoD Study Suggests Low Risk of COVID-19 Exposure While Flying

    Operating Leases: The Financial Tool most Small Businesses Overlook

    Are you evaluating financing options for a major capital expense? You should strongly consider an operating lease. While there are thousands of ...

    How to Plan for G&A Expenses

    Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, businesses across the board are taking a hit. About half of finance leaders expect revenue declines of more than 10% this ...

    Expense Report Templates to Get Started Fast

    Removing The Hassle Of Employee Expenses Reimbursement

      The expense reimbursement process is tedious and problematic, and expense reports are a waste of time. It leaves finance teams unable to prevent ...

    How to Embrace Accounting Automation as a Strategic Advantage

    Any finance professional wants to be more than someone who performs manual work. They want to be strategic partners for their business. They want to ...

    SMB CFO Buyer’s Guide: Automation beyond your Accounting Software

    Improve your financial close process today

    No matter how you feel about your current financial close process, there is always plenty of room for improvement. CFOs often run into the same ...

    The Unexpected Benefits of Real-Time Reporting in Accounting

      How long does it take your company to close its books at the end of each month? How does that compare to other companies? A glance at a Reddit ...

    Improving the Budgeting Process: Steps for Startups

    Budgeting corporate spending is incredibly important, but tracking how much you actually spent and adjusting your startup business budget for the ...

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