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Sustainable Corporate Travel: Action You Can Take Right Now

If your company’s corporate travel program is less than green, you’re missing out and so is the environment. 

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Introducing 'Dear Yanni'

Face-to-face vs. FaceTime, status hacks, and making sense of hotel reviews in our first installment of 'Dear Yanni' 

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Give Your Employees the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Five reasons is the perfect perk for employee travel — even when they’re off the clock.

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How to Uncover Corporate Travel Discounts

Every business whose employees travel for work needs to control travel expenses — and the right corporate travel discounts can help you get there. 

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The Complete Guide to Using Travel Agencies for Small Businesses

One of the first things that small business owners should consider outsourcing is their travel management. Here's how to find easy and affordable ...

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