Complicated, frustrating business travel is dead.

Long live Lola.

From the travel innovators who brought you KAYAK comes Lola, a super easy, completely stress-free and fun — yes, fun! — way to manage business travel.

Gone are the days of restrictive, heavy-handed travel policies with clunky, hard-to-use websites, that leave employees upset, and worse: have them going "rogue" and doing things themselves.

Simple and smart.

With Lola, managers have complete visibility into keeping all employees on the same page. So travel spend is controlled, guidelines are managed and everyone's happy.

With Lola, employees are free to book hotels and flights convenient to them. Bye-bye lock-ins. They can collaborate with teammates and contact Lola's expert, 24/7 travel consultants wherever/whenever needed. And best of all, we'll help get the same–price–as–booking–direct with major hotel chains. The end of rogue behavior is at hand.

Let the fun begin.

Isn't this the way business travel should be? Imagine using (and actually liking) a managed travel policy, where a traveler's needs and their company's wants are one and the same. Where it feels like a real company perk.

This is Lola.


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