Meet the Wombats.

Get to know's award-winning customer service team.

We call our award-winning customer service team the Wombats. Why? Because a group of wombats is called a wisdom — and wisdom about the travel landscape is exactly what our Wombats provide. Lola handles every booking, knowing it's not just a flight or a hotel room — it can be a crucial business meeting, a life-changing interview, or a child's birthday party.

A Forgotten Passport

BotKeeper’s CEO, Enrico Palmerino, made the ultimate travel mistake: he forgot his passport before an international flight.

If that wasn't enough, he was in Washington D.C. when he realized he had left his passport at Boston. Yikes.

The Wombats booked multiple flights for him out of DC in case he hit traffic and helped coordinate a pickup spot where his wife could drop off the passport. Long story short, Lola Wombats had his back.

superhero wombat

Leave Business Travel Off the Court

When Derek Kelliher, a Sales Rep at Drift, faced credit card trouble while trying to book a flight for work, he thought his Celtics tickets for that night would go to waste.

But he had the Wombats on his team. Wombats took the trouble off his hands, running the card for him over night. Derek made it to the game and the Wombats were able to purchase the flight for him.

wombat slam dunk

Delight In Your Dinner Party

Brett Hicks, Employee Experience at Flywheel, was prepping a dinner party for 18 one Sunday night when the last leg of an employee's international flight was canceled — while he was still in the air.

By the time the Wombats reached out to Brett about the problem, a solution was already in place. And no dinner rolls were burned in the process.

wombat champagne toast


Service Features



Our Wombats live and breath travel. The team has deep industry knowledge to offer you accurate and timely travel support and advice. 


No Surprise Fees

No booking fees for any of your travel and no sneaky charges for reaching out to our travel support team.


In App Chat

Missed connection? Last-minute change? Heck, just need directions from the airport? Reach out in the app and receive a response in less than 5 minutes.



Our flat rate pricing includes 24/7/365 access to the Wombats, whenever you need them. Through the mobile app, email, or over the phone.



Wombats keep tabs on weather changes and travel patterns that may affect your trip, so you don't have to.



Wombattitude is humans helping humans: empathetic, authentic, and even a little offbeat.


"The 24/7 concierge service has legit been a life saver and is definitely worth the price of this portal by ITSELF. They answer in a timely fashion and are able to help solve any last minute issues or unforeseen events with ease and grace. They make my job a lot easier and less stressful for travel - it is so appreciated!!"

Laura B. via Capterra
February 28, 2019


"The customer service has been outstanding. I have found myself in situations where my flight was delayed and would have missed my connection but Lola concierge immediately rebooked me onto another flight while I was still on the first one. Having their assistance and someone watching over your booking has been very helpful."

Andrew W. via Capterra
February 28, 2019


"Lola's support team are among the best I've used - very responsive and helpful. I'm a very thorough person, and I hugely appreciated their attention to detail when helping me to book my flights."

Sarah W. via Capterra
February 28, 2019


"Let's just say they blow every travel agency out of the water. Their customer service is amazing. No matter time of day or night week days or weekends they are amazing."

Chad B. via Capterra
February 28, 2019


"The 24/7 concierge help is really a lifesaver, and the check-in help was so useful that I've started booking personal travel through Lola as well."

Elly Day via Trustpilot
February 28, 2019

"Sweet and simple"

"I'm most impressed with the support team behind Lola where they are looking out for my best interest. They check in flights for me beforehand, notify me when the gates changed, etc."

Nguyen Tong via Trustpilot
February 28, 2019

"Sweet and simple"

"The Lola team really goes above and beyond. When my flight was canceled they had me rebooked in my preferred seat while everyone else was still waiting in line to talk to the gate agent. I was able to sit back, and relax!"

Jake K. via Trustpilot
February 28, 2019


"The concierge service is amazing and has literally been a lifesaver. Instead of a rush of panic when I get a notification a flight has been delayed or cancelled, the concierge service is right on top of it to get the best options available presented to us and booked as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Laura Bozzone via Trustpilot
February 28, 2019