Policies and Best Practices for Office Managers and Executive Assistants

Recorded Webinar

An Admin Day celebration webinar hosted by Lola's Office Manager and Executive Assistant!  

As an Office Manager or Executive Assistant, you have to balance all sorts of tasks each day. As your company grows, your list of jobs gets longer, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything you are needed for. That is where policies come in. It may sound too strict, but setting policies around certain things will have a positive impact on you and your employees.

In this webinar, Lola.com Office Manager Liz Mongrello, and Executive Assistant Eliza Bladon discuss:

  • The most important policies to set at your company
  • How guidelines can benefit you and your team
  • How to help employees easily follow the policies you set
  • Methods that work (and don't work) at Lola.com.

eliza-roundEliza Bladon | EA Extraordinaire
Eliza is Lola.com's executive assistant. She manages the CTO's calendar and travel, gets new hires up and running, assists in planning company meetings and events and more! She also runs a slack group focused on EAs and Office managers, called SmarterEA.com.



Liz-roundLiz Mongrello | Office Manager
Liz Mongrello is the Office Manager at Lola.com. Her duties include, but are not limited to, keeping the office running, providing tech support to employees, planning and executing events and working cross-functionally throughout the company to keep the team happy and productive. In her spare time, Liz is part of the Boston-based a cappella group, Fermata Town. You can also find her singing throughout the office on any given day.

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