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See why is ranked #1 for Travel Management Software on Capterra, while TravelPerk is rated #21. Stop wasting time and start saving time on managing your corporate travel.


Corporate travel management solutions make business trips easier to book, manage, and track. In addition to saving companies time through 24/7 customer support, they also save companies money by aggregating flight, train, hotel, and car rental inventories across consumer sites so that corporate travelers can select the cheapest options.

Choosing the best travel management solution is a critical decision for a growing company. This page focuses on two popular corporate travel management platforms, and TravelPerk, diving into common use cases and product differentiators to help you decide which solution is more appropriate for your business. 

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As the #1 rated travel management platform on Capterra, has an intuitive interface, powerful reporting tools, and world-class 24/7 support. Headquartered in Boston, Lola is an agile, cost-effective travel solution for growing companies based in North America, including Drift, Flywheel, Allego and hundreds of others. Additionally, Lola’s transparent flat-rate pricing with no transaction charges and access to negotiated fares (through its exclusive commercial partnership with American Express Global Business Travel) make it a perfect choice for companies that want a cost-effective, lightweight way to manage corporate travel . 

About TravelPerk 

As the #21 rated travel management platform on Capterra, TravelPerk receives praise for its multilingual support and ability to book multi-city trips. Headquartered in Barcelona, TravelPerk is a good travel solution for larger companies based in Europe and overseas such as Hotjar, NetCentric, and N26. Yet, TravelPerk’s unpredictable transactional pricing model is better suited for established companies who have flexible funding for their travel programs. 

Best Alternative to TravelPerk 

While there are several companies that provide fast and easy ways to book travel, is the best alternative to TravelPerk for many businesses. While TravelPerk serves large, mostly European customers, Lola focuses on growing, US-based companies seeking a lightweight, intuitive travel management platform with a predictable pricing model. 

Lola’s transparent, annual subscription pricing is geared toward growing companies because it never charges additional fees for travel booking or support. 

Highest-Rated Corporate Travel Services, which is ranked as the #1 corporate travel management solution on Capterra with a 5/5 star rating, receives better customer reviews than TravelPerk, which is ranked #21 on Capterra with a 4.5 rating. was founded by the visionaries who started KAYAK and reviews say the platform’s intuitiveness and consumer-caliber interface reflect this heritage. Users praise Lola for being a fast, clean, and easy-to-use product with exceptional customer service and a particularly impressive mobile app experience. 

On the other hand, reviews criticize TravelPerk for limiting trips to a maximum of 8 people, not providing enough tips or suggestions via pop-up’s, and only integrating with Expensify and Google Calendar. 

Typical Cost of Hiring a Corporate Travel Service

While some corporate travel services operate on annual subscriptions, most charge transactionally (e.g., $10 per trip per traveler). In addition to bookings, transactionally priced models charge additional fees for customer service, rebookings or cancellations. Since this  unpredictable pricing model can accumulate significant individual expenses, making total cost exorbitant, companies should prioritize subscription services.’s Cost Compared to TravelPerk’s has a subscription model whereas TravelPerk charges transactionally. charges clients an annual subscription based on the number of corporate travelers: 

  1. $125/month for the STARTER subscription
  2. $400/month for the ESSENTIAL subscription
  3. $950/month for the ADVANCED subscription

TravelPerk charges clients $15 per trip for up to 8 travelers and 8 elements. It also offers a free plan without most features (e.g., priority customer support, corporate negotiated rates and reporting) to enable customers to “try before they buy”, as well as custom enterprise pricing. 

Since it’s unpredictable and transactional, however, TravelPerk’s pricing is impossible to budget for and not the best option for growing companies seeking stable travel management expenses.

What Else Differentiates from TravelPerk? 

In addition to being higher-rated and more predictably priced, is better suited for US-based companies whereas TravelPerk partners primarily with European organizations. 

Headquartered in Boston, works with growing North American companies such as Drift, Catalant, and Flywheel. 

On the other hand, TravelPerk, which is headquartered in Barcelona, works best with larger European and overseas companies such as Hotjar (Malta), NetCentric (Switzerland), and N26 (Germany). 

Additionally,’s exclusive commercial partnership with American Express Global Business Travel gives Lola customers access to unique benefits, such as negotiated fares typically only available to large companies that spend $30 million or more on travel annually. 

Platform Benefits
Flat Pricing
Negotiated Fares
Saved Traveler Preferences & Profiles
Free 24/7 Traveler Support

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Choosing the Right Corporate Travel Service for Your Business 

You can purchase the best online booking tool by determining if a service’s geographic speciality and pricing scheme align with your company’s location and budget. 

You can also assess review rankings and read about how well that service: 

  • Provides access to an extensive inventory of flights, trains, cars, and hotels 
  • Hosts a modern, easy-to-use interface that makes travel easy to book and manage 
  • Guarantees global 24/7 live customer support via chat, text or phone in seconds
  • Helps you save money and shares real-time insight into travel spend
  • Monitors trips so you know where your employees are traveling at any given time  

Why Should Companies Use a Corporate Travel Management Service

Growing companies need their employees to travel to develop business, open new markets, manage projects, attend conferences, and meet clients. Businesses can strategically leverage corporate travel for growth by using management software (rather than a travel agent) to decrease how much time and money travelers spend on executing trips. Employees will regain workday time previously spent scrutinizing hotel options or expediting flight delays; finance teams will regain budget formerly and haphazardly spent on overpriced bookings through structured expense management

Travel management minimizes travel expenses by empowering finance teams to easily enforce travel policies and instill budget caps, provide consistent booking policies, and track spending through intuitive dashboards and data-rich spreadsheets. 

To summarize, the main benefits of a corporate travel agency are:

    1. Efficiency
    2. Expertise
    3. Time Savings
    4. 24/7 Support
    5. Duty of Care (i.e., making sure that employees are taken care of on the road) 
    6. Cost Savings
    7. Advanced Insights 


Growing companies based in the US and seeking to spend a predictable fee on a corporate travel management should consider over TravelPerk, which is better suited for larger European companies who are comfortable with a transactional fee for which they can’t budget. 

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