Agile Travel ManagementTM

Time-consuming processes to manage business travel? See ya!

GET A DEMO makes managing corporate travel super simple with an all-in-one platform for booking, managing and reporting on corporate travel. Whether you’re a road warrior, executive assistant, or finance professional, Lola simplifies the entire travel process for your company, from flights and hotels to rental cars and expensing. 

On the front end, Lola is a streamlined booking engine that connects users to a huge inventory of (often discounted) travel options from all the major suppliers. But on the backend, Lola is a powerful platform for booking on behalf of others, tracking corporate travel, and providing support for traveling employees and travel managers through mobile apps, a website portal, and phone-based travel agents.

So how does the platform make it easy to manage business travel? Schedule a demo of the platform to see for yourself.

Lola’s saved traveler profiles, flexible booking policies and 24/7 VIP customer support take the pain out of corporate travel management.

Set travel and expense policies

hotel policies

Corporate travel policies are written guidelines for booking travel. When all employees follow the corporate travel policy, it supports consistency and controls costs. Among other things, well-considered expense guidelines help prevent costly last-minute bookings and cancellation fees. Keep it simple by giving travelers a one-sheet overview of commonly-used policies. (But post the entire policy document where it’s easily accessible.)

Getting employees to book travel within policy is simple with Lola. AI-powered technology helps you set dynamic booking guidelines for every city that will automatically calculate spend limits when you or your employees are booking travel.



24/7 industry-leading customer service

Don’t let travel disruptions slow down your business. Give your travel managers their nights and weekends back. With a travel management program, your employees are no longer responsible for handling flight and hotel changes or trip cancelations — which means they can focus on their more important responsibilities to grow your business.

Gain the ultimate peace of mind by knowing that you and your corporate travelers are backed by our award-winning support team. Lola’s customer service team is made up of travel professionals able to help with standard changes and cancelations, as well as proactively monitor travel industry updates that might affect your traveler’s itinerary.


Keep track of your business travelers


People-centric travel management solutions ensure easy communication between business travelers and home base. You can instantly contact them, if need be, and they can instantly access help for fixing trip-related problems such as cancellations or emergencies. This fulfills your duty of care responsibility and reduces business travelers’ risks, helping keep everyone more productive, happier, and safer and more secure on the road.

Ensuring duty of care during corporate travel is simple on Lola’s platform. Travel managers can access each traveler’s plan and itinerary. The live map feature also enables admins to easily see the locations of traveling employees.


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What else does Lola offer as a travel management service?

Online booking tool — as the foundation of travel and expense activity, efficiencies here save time, money and headaches for business travelers and admins. When all corporate travel is made using the same booking tool, it becomes much easier to manage travel plans and costs. 

Travel expense management — Lola integrates directly with expense management software platforms to create a streamlined reporting process for all travel costs in real-time.

Data — keep track of business travel behavior and spend in order to pinpoint opportunities to improve your managed travel program and budget.