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Not having to call airlines to make changes is life-saving. The reporting and the maps of where everyone is at any given time is absolutely wonderful as it enables us to know if we have any employees in a specific area should a crisis occur.

- Heather

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We combined travel policies and budgets. Now your team can book what they need, without going over your T&E budget.


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Get a live view of your team's travel plans. Be prepared in case of a crisis.


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Does Lola offer travel insurance?

No. Typically the terms of travel insurance are quite narrow and create added cost for business travel without additional flexibility. Lola will help you manage any credits from cancelled trips. If a non-refundable flights is cancelled, you can still apply those funds toward a future booking on that airline under that same traveler's name. You typically have 1 year from the original purchase date to use the funds. For the most part, the reasons a business trip might be cancelled, don't tend to be covered under most travel insurance policies.

Can I book leisure travel on Lola?

Yes, users can use Lola for personal travel. You'll still have access to all the same features, including 24/7/265 world-class service from our team of travel consultants as well as our best in class flight/hotel/car discounts!

Can Lola manage loyalty points and TSA status?

Yes, booking with your reward & loyalty numbers is simple! Once you've added them to your Traveler Profile, Lola will automatically apply them to applicable reservations every time you book with us! This means all of your flights & any loyalty-eligible hotel reservations.

Similarly, once you've added your TSA number (whether that be for Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check!), Lola will add it every time you book a flight with us.

Does Lola offer refundable flights?

You bet! On the search page, simply select Show More Options & check off the Refundable Fares Only box. Please be aware that some refundable flights still have a penalty - this means that the entire cost of the ticket would be returned to your original form of payment, less the airline imposed penalty. If you have any questions regarding a particular flight, start a chat with our team of travel consultants, and we'll be happy to help with the fine print.

My company has a negotiated rate at a hotel, can we book that rate on Lola?

Definitely, upon request, corporate rates can be uploaded to your company's account with Lola so you and  your travelers can book for themselves directly on the platform.

Does Lola offer basic economy fares?

We don’t currently offer Basic Economy rates directly in Lola because most travelers find that the associated restrictions (no itinerary changes, seat selections, luggage allowance, check-in prior to airport arrival, etc.) don’t outweigh the discounted rate, particularly with regard to business travel.

Does Lola match prices found elsewhere online?

We work hard to offer competitive pricing & pull inventory from a wide-range of trusted partners. Despite this, there will be times when Lola is not the least expensive option available. For example, you will never find hacker fares on our platform because of the associated restrictions that come with those discounted tickets. As much as possible, we want to ensure our customers have a great travel experience so we purposefully will avoid offering the least expensive option if it will not offer a safe & comfortable travel experience. For this reason, we do not offer price matching.

Does Lola offer discounted flights/hotels/car rentals?

Yes, through various partnership agreements, Lola offers flight, hotel, and car rental discounts that are not available to the public.


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