Simple Spend Management

How 1-10 person finance teams get corporate cards, pay bills, and track reimbursements in one place.



Because spending is supposed to be the easy part.

Your expense spreadsheet is a mess. You're late on reimbursements. Your entire company is sharing your corporate card. Surprise invoices keep messing up your cash flow.

Introducing the Financial Operations Platform.

Get corporate cards, pay bills, and track reimbursements in one place.

Here's how makes it easy.

Connect your bank.

Create your budgets.

Spend how you want.

Control your cash flow. works with your existing bank account. Schedule your card and bill payments to fit your needs.


Stay on budget.

Use budgets to control who spends what. Set budgets for the month, quarter, or the rest of the year.

Spend how you want.

Give everyone a card. Pay your bills. Track reimbursements. Every expense is categorized and tracked against budgets in real-time. 

Give everyone a card.

Every transaction is checked against budgets before it clears. Prevent overspend before it happens.


Pay your bills.

Upload your invoices. Set up approvals. Schedule payments. It's that easy.


Track your reimbursements.

Handle the edge cases without losing visibility. Report reimbursements against budgets in real-time.


Because you've got better things to do.

You deserve the Financial Operations Platform.

Control your spend with budgets.

Get real-time visibility and control of your spend. Empower your budget owners while staying in control. Replace your spreadsheets and emails with and make your budgets scale.

Spend how you want.

Spend with corporate cards, virtual cards, invoices, or reimbursements. Every transaction rolls up to your budgets in real-time so you always know where you stand.

Get instant expense reporting.

Every expense is categorized and reported against budgets in real-time. When you're ready - you can sync expenses to your ledger in just one click. No more expense reports, manual ledger entries, or chasing after receipts.

Automate your policies.

Our software checks every transaction against budgets and policies before it clears. Out of policy transactions are denied, making sure your teams stay on budget.

Book hotels, flights, and cars.

Book your travel and manage your expenses in one simple platform. makes it easy for your team to book for themselves, and gives you control over each booking and total spend.

Spend How You Want

Get the Financial Operations platform and make spending easy while staying in control.