A Wicked Loving Promise.

One of our core values at Lola.com is “Wicked Loving” -- the idea that when we care about each other, that’s when we do our best work.  We also extend this value to the way we treat our customers, and we believe it’s a two-way street.

Lola’s service team is available 24/7 to be of service for our travelers and cardholders. Sometimes there will be frustrating situations, sometimes our app or our service team will make mistakes; yet we will always do what’s right for the customer and help in any way we can.

Here is our Wicked Loving promise to you, our customer:

  • We will be respectful.
  • We will be solution-oriented.
  • We will follow up in a timely manner and set realistic time frames so you aren’t wondering when you will hear back from us.

Here is what we expect in return from our customers:

  • You will treat our team with respect. Disrespectful  behavior is reason to be banned from using Lola.com.
  • You will give us honest feedback about what's working and what's not. It is the best way for us to improve.
  • You will ask for anything that may help your travel or spending needs, and understand that while we might not be able to accommodate every request, we will always try our best.

You will not find a company more in love with its customers than Lola, which is why we hope all our travelers and cardholders will help us in upholding this Wicked Loving promise. Happy traveling.