Do you like saving money?

Get and save up to 30% on business travel.

Lola helps you save money on business travel
Lola’s access to negotiated fares through its industry partnerships allows you to maximize savings on corporate travel.

Lower rates

Through our commercial partnerships – including one with the largest corporate travel agency, your company can access discounted fares and special privileges (such as refundable tickets) previously only offered to the biggest companies in the world.

special fares through lola

Automated travel policy

In less than 5 minutes, set up a travel policy that guides your employees to make the right decisions and that limits wasteful spending. When booking, they'll clearly see what's within policy and what's not.

out of policy search

Savings dashboard

With easy visibility into which departments and employees are saving and which are overspending, you have powerful insight to help you keep everyone booking in policy and saving money.

savings dashboard

" has saved us a ton of money!" has saved us a ton of money! Before Lola, we had to dedicate an actual member of our Marketing team to seamlessly handle all of the travel planning for our Sales staff. This was extremely time consuming, inefficient, and impossible to keep up with our corporate growth. Lola has eliminated that need and is in a great position to grow with us.

Scotty H.
June 26, 2019

"Lola made traveling less stressful"

We started using Lola at our company and after using it for a business trip to Boston I was impressed. I usually think my booking skills to find cheap/good flights are better than average and was expecting another service that kind of gets it right but still doesn't nail the price point. Lola dethroned me and I'm ok with that! They even took care of rescheduling my flight after my event date shifted by a day and saved me money on the rebooking fee.

Nathan K.
February 11, 2019

"Perfect solution for business travel"

So far, Lola has gone far beyond the customer service I had grown to appreciate from Expedia (where I used to do most of my business travel booking.) The communication via chat with the Lola service team has not only been extremely convenient but has convinced me that Lola really cares that my travels go smooth.

Zachary B.
December 19, 2018

"My sales team is stoked about Lola!"

I love the fact that I do not have to go out to Expedia or Kayak to see what the availability is. I also love that I have booked several trips and not had to call customer service once.

Alex M.
April 25, 2019