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Lola's saved traveler profiles, flexible booking policies and 24/7 VIP support take the pain out of corporate travel management.

Set travel policies

Getting employees to book travel within policy is simple with Lola. AI-powered technology helps you set dynamic booking guidelines for every city that will automatically calculate spend limits when you or your employees are booking travel.


24/7 industry-leading support

Don't let travel disruptions slow you down. Gain the ultimate peace of mind by knowing that you and your travelers are backed by our award-winning support team.

Lola.com 24/7 award-winning travel support

Keep track of your travelers

It's important to keep tabs on your road warriors. With insight into their itineraries and updates on their travels, you can fully engage with duty of care.


"Lola.com has saved us a ton of money!"

Lola.com has saved us a ton of money! Before Lola, we had to dedicate an actual member of our Marketing team to seamlessly handle all of the travel planning for our Sales staff. This was extremely time consuming, inefficient, and impossible to keep up with our corporate growth. Lola has eliminated that need and is in a great position to grow with us.

Scotty H.
June 26, 2019

"10/10 would recommend!"

I am really impressed with Lola's ease of use and customer service! It is a breeze to get ahold of someone through their chat service and everyone I've talked has been a pleasure. Lola's modern platform is easy to navigate and even easier to use. Highly recommend for all your travel booking needs!

Courtney U.
September 24, 2019

"Lola.com has been amazing"

The team has been very responsive and incredibly helpful. They have allowed us to expand on our reporting process without causing extra steps for our travelers. The platform is very easy to use and easy to understand.

Lexi B.
April 29, 2019

"Life's easy with Lola"

Booking travel can be painful, especially for a whole team. Lola steps in and makes the process a breeze. Lola is the first thing I'll recommend to anyone needing a travel-booking solution for their company/team.

Luke B.
September 15, 2019

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