’s 14 Biggest Product Updates of 2018’s 14 Biggest Product Updates of 2018

It’s not easy transforming corporate travel. In fact, it takes a lot of work. That’s why the team spent so much time and energy testing, tweaking, and altogether improving our super-simple business travel management app throughout 2018.

Of course, we didn’t do this in a vacuum — we listened intently to our customers and incorporated their feedback directly into our product roadmap. Want the option of booking travel directly with the corporate card? We got you. Need the ability to book on behalf of a colleague and have the itinerary sent directly to them? Consider it done.

Read on for a list of our 14 favorite product updates from 2018 (in no particular order).

  1. Desktop product for search and book. Nothing beats a mobile app for when you’re managing corporate travel on the road. But if you’re managing trips from the homebase, we know how helpful (and how much easier!) it can be to have the full power of a desktop client. That’s why we built a desktop product that allows corporate travel managers to do everything they can do on our app straight from their desktop.

  2. One platform for managing and booking. We made it even simpler to book and manage business travel by combining all of our booking and management tools into one platform. Simply login to and you’ll have access to both right at your fingertips.

  3. Multi-traveler flight booking. Corporate travel is often a team sport, which means that colleagues often want to book the same flights and hotels. We made that easier than ever by enabling multi-traveler booking. Now, one person can book and automatically share itineraries with colleagues.

  4. Book on behalf. Multi-traveler booking makes it easy for colleagues to share itineraries, but what if you’re responsible for booking travel on behalf of others, even if you’re not part of the trip? We made that super-simple, too, by adding a new Book on Behalf feature. A traveler simply needs to sign up with and then you can instantly book travel for them, and you’ll both have access to the itinerary details and our world-class 24/7 support.

  5. Corporate card. There’s nothing fun about expense reimbursement. It’s complicated and time-intensive. We’re doing our part to help minimize the paperwork by enabling corporate card booking. Now corporate travel managers can add the corporate card directly to Lola and permission travelers to use it, all in a completely secure environment. Not only does this minimize the amount of expense reporting your travelers do — it also gives you instant visibility into bookings and spend.

  6. External flight import. has a ton of flight options available, but if there’s ever one you’re looking for that we don’t have, our new external flight import feature allows you to send the flight you want to our amazing 24/7 support team and they’ll book it for you and import it directly into your itinerary.

  7. External hotel import. Just like external flight import but for hotels! Simply reach out to our support team and have them book and import the hotel of your choice directly into your itinerary.

  8. CSV export. Need to report on the travel spend for your company? Our new CSV export feature allows you to export all your company’s travel data from LolaWorks and upload it into your preferred analysis tool.

  9. Exclude personal bookings from company reporting. Super-simple business travel management isn’t just a benefit to your company’s travel program, it can also be a perk to your employees. This is truer than ever since we added the ability for Lola users to book personal travel and keep it separate from their corporate travel bookings. Employees simply uncheck “traveling for business” and the booking stays separate from your company’s reporting, but retains all the great options and service from the core product.

  10. Delta fare families. If you need a Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, Business Select or a Delta One fare, we’ve got you covered. Simply search for a flight with a Delta route and we’ll return all of the Delta options.

  11. Departments. Need visibility into corporate travel spend on the department level? We’ve made that super easy by allowing you to assign a department for each of your travelers so you’ll always know exactly how much each department is spending.

  12. Expensify integration. Raise your hand if you like manually inputting receipts. No one? Well then you’ll all be happy to know that if you’re company uses Expensify for expense management, you can integrate Lola and Expensify with a single click. We’ll auto-send all bookings to travelers’ Expensify account 24 hours after their trip is complete. All they need to do is review the expense and submit it for approval.

  13. Expense tags. Curious to know how much you spend on a certain conference or client every year? We made it simple to add expense tags that your employees can associate with a booking.

  14. Booking alerts for admins. Now, whenever your employees book through Lola, you will immediately receive an alert email with the booking details so you can quickly determine whether you should look into it further.

And, of course, we're not even close to finished. Stay tuned for all the amazing features and functionality we'll be adding to throughout 2019! 

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