Presents Live Webinar on How to Get Employees to Spend Less on Corporate Travel Presents Live Webinar on How to Get Employees to Spend Less on Corporate Travel
Contents’s Alyson Connors and Shelby Byrnes Present on Creating a Travel Policy that Balances Company and Employee Needs – Wednesday, January 23, 2019

BOSTON – Jan. 11,, Agile Travel Management™, is hosting the live webinar, “How to Get Your Employees to Spend Less on Corporate Travel,” on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Presented by Director of Finance Alyson Connors and Travel Consultant Manager Shelby Byrnes, the webinar addresses how corporate travel managers can balance the needs of their company with the needs of their team when developing a corporate travel policy.

WHAT: Presents Live Webinar, “How to Get Your Employees to Spend Less on Corporate Travel”

WHEN: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EST


If you set travel guidelines that are too strict, employees either won’t follow them or will be unhappy while they are traveling, which could make them less productive. If you set guidelines that are too loose, your employees will overspend, causing you to be over budget. Neither of these scenarios is ideal. Instead of going one way or another, consider finding a happy medium.

“We address the challenges associated with developing a travel policy, including what it takes to create an employee- and company-friendly travel policy and common mistakes travelers make when booking less expensive options,” said Alyson Connors.

Attendees also learn how to help employees spend wisely without sacrificing their travel experience, as well as what kinds of hotel and flight bookings are the best for your budget and your travelers, and more.

Connors manages the finance and accounting operations at She’s the one monitoring travel expenses and reporting, and the company’s in-house consultant to make sure is satisfying the needs of finance managers. She started her career in public accounting at PwC and has been with since early 2017.

Byrnes is a New England native whose desire to see and understand the world led her to pursue a degree in geography, a career spent in travel and tourism, and the bulk of all of her expendable income visiting five of the seven continents. For the last 12 years, Shelby has worked almost exclusively with booking and managing domestic and international airfare. She knows the airline rules inside and out.

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Agile Travel Management is a quick, dynamic and flexible way to create a policy that enables employees to do what’s right for the business. Happy employee travel experiences within a policy can be set up in five minutes. To learn more about, visit LinkedIn at or follow @LolaTravel on Twitter.


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