Kicks Off 'Corporate Travel Policy Week' Kicks Off 'Corporate Travel Policy Week'

The Agile Travel Management™ company to release a collection of resources for companies to create an easy, stress-free, win-win travel policy

BOSTON – Jan. 18,, Agile Travel Management™, is releasing a variety of resources starting on Monday, January 21, designed to help companies easily create an effective corporate travel policy, which outlines what you expect from traveling employees and what they can expect in return. There are various important considerations when creating or revamping a policy, including the overall budget, the person managing all travel-related expenses, as well as traveling employees who represent your company and need to be comfortable and productive while on the road.

“Effective corporate travel policies come down to balance – finding the sweet spot between money savings and convenient, employee-friendly policies,” said Mike Volpe, CEO at “If you don’t currently have a travel policy in place or need to revamp your current guidelines, the process can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have put together various resources that will help companies to get started on the right plan that encompasses all the right options for your team, based on your budget and company culture.”

Ultimately, an effective corporate travel policy helps companies to stop wasting time and save money associated with managing corporate travel. For travelers, when guidelines are simply and make sense, employees buy-in and comply. And a happy traveler is a productive, motivated employee. For finance departments, greater visibility into travel expenses makes your job easier and helps save money.

Over the next week, Lola will be releasing various resources, including blog posts that outline building a corporate travel policy, a simple cheatsheet, “10 Steps to Create a Win-Win Business Travel Policy for Your Company and Your Team,” as well as a 20+ page eBook detailing the ins and outs of designing, implementing and iterating an effective corporate travel policy.

Lola is also hosting the live webinar, “How to Get Your Employees to Spend Less on Corporate Travel,” on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, presented by Director of Finance Alyson Connors and Travel Consultant Manager Shelby Byrnes. Register at:

The Corporate Travel Policy Themed Week is aimed at simplifying the implementation of an effective corporate travel policy.


Agile Travel Management is a quick, dynamic and flexible way to create a policy that enables employees to do what’s right for the business. Happy employee travel experiences within a policy can be set up in five minutes. To learn more about, visit LinkedIn at or follow @LolaTravel on Twitter.


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