Lola Introduces Lola Works: Super Simple Business Travel Platform

Lola Introduces Lola Works: Super Simple Business Travel Platform

 Our mission at Lola is to simplify business travel - and make it enjoyable - with modern, easy to use tools for those who are on the road most. After conducting our research, it was clear why so many employees don't follow their company's policies. It's painful to do so. Plain and simple, the antiquated technology and travel programs do not meet the needs of a small to medium sized businesses and their travelers. Today, I’m excited to share the latest expansion of Lola and introduce you to Lola Works, a fair and simple travel platform for small to medium businesses (SMB’s) that need a travel policy, but don’t want to be too “corporate” in how they manage it. It helps you maximize the chances that people follow the policy by minimizing the pain.

Lola Works is the easiest way for business managers to create a travel policy for their employees. Within minutes, managers can set hotel and flight guidelines to increase productivity and control travel costs. Once guidelines are set, employees can start booking travel immediately with our Lola app, which provides employees with personalization, tailored search results, ease of booking, team insights, loyalty benefits and 24/7 on-demand world class service. The platform features reporting for business managers to keep track of where travelers are with a live travel map, plus real time access to travel spend incurred from in app bookings.

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In a recent report from the
Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 28% of companies said their employees’ satisfaction with their corporate travel policies was an issue in employee retention. In fact, 31% said they’ve received requests from employees for exemptions from the existing corporate travel policy in relation to those employees’ staying on the payroll. Those statistics are staggering, and it’s clear the current tools in the industry are not meeting the needs of business travelers. Lola believes that policies shouldn’t be all about cost savings, but also about making employees happy and more productive when they’re on the road. In addition to providing next generation tools for a cost effective and smart travel program, Lola Works is breaking the mold when it comes to travel policies, allowing business managers to adjust guidelines based on desired cabin class rules, with a wiggle room feature to provide flexibility based on the type flight.  Hotel guidelines are finally fair with Lola Works and based on relevant prices city by city vs. a straight cap. Another new feature that we’re wicked excited to share is Teams, a Lola app feature used in conjunction with Lola Works. It is unlike anything in the industry and gives employees the ability to engage with teammates, share their favorite destinations, hotels, restaurants and tips and always feel connected.

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For employers, managing business travel doesn’t need to take months to nail down, or be corporate, restrictive and an unfriendly force that leaves employees needing to cheat. So, get ready to experience the newest and best in class travel software that works for employers AND employees. We know you’re going to love it.

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