How Following Makes A Leader

How Following Makes A Leader

It’s been quite a week here at 

On Tuesday, Lola was recognized as a leader in G2’s Grid for Travel Management, with a #1 rating in an astounding six out of seven categories. 

On Wednesday, we were announced as a finalist in Bostinno’s Coolest Companies competition, thanks to our #wickedloving culture. 

And Thursday? Lola won a Best Leadership Team award from Comparably.

On the surface, these varied honors might not seem to have a lot in common. But in my opinion, one common theme underlies them all: the importance of following to being a leader.

For example -- the reason our product is so well-reviewed by customers, on G2 and elsewhere, is because our product and engineering teams listen to our users, and builds for their pain points and needs. In other words? We follow their lead.

The same goes for our leadership team. We run an employee net promoter survey (ENPS) every quarter, and our executives use the resulting feedback to determine what problems and opportunities to prioritize. Just like our product roadmap, our most senior leaders follow the team’s cue on how to make our culture that much stronger (and what is culture besides a company’s internal “product”?).

To me, there are few things “cooler” than active listening and servant leadership. Being recognized as a leader -- both in terms of our product, and in terms of our culture -- is even sweeter because it reflects how well we’re following cues from our customers and employees, and creating fulfilling experiences for them. 

At a startup like ours, change is the norm. But if there’s one thing I don’t think will ever change, it’s that we’ll continue to lead by knowing when to follow.  

About the Author: Emma Brudner