Flywheel Uses to Streamline T&E Reporting

Flywheel Uses to Streamline T&E Reporting

With all travel booked through and all travel receipts automatically sent to Expensify for easy expense management, Flywheel ditches paper receipts

BOSTON – July 17, 2019, the Agile Travel Management™ company that provides a super simple way to manage, book, and report on business travel, and Expensify, the most widely used expense software in the world, are streamlining travel and expense reporting for Flywheel. The company that helps build, launch, and manage WordPress sites for customers is managing all travel bookings in the Lola app, and then receipts are automatically sent to Expensify for easy expense tracking and reporting. With employees in eight countries, travel is a huge part of Flywheel’s annual budget.

“Employees would print out their receipts and just drop them on the accounting manager’s desk, and each month, every expense had to be coded,” said Steve Isom, Vice President of Finance at Flywheel. “Because integrates with Expensify, we are now able to accurately code all travel expenses immediately. Everything auto populates into Expensify, and then goes to the finance team for approval. We can instantly see what the travel expense is, get things booked in the right period, and generally be more accurate in our reporting. All of the data is in one place, so we have complete visibility into travel expenses.”

Flywheel has 200 employees, including 40 who work remotely. When Isom started at the company in August 2018, he quickly realized that there was a huge problem with their travel process. Not only did employees hate booking travel, but there was no visibility into travel spend, which made it impossible to forecast or report.

“At Expensify, we’re constantly simplifying business travel for employees and admins,” said Daniel Vidal, Director of Strategy at Expensify.” We’re excited to continue to work with Lola to offer businesses worldwide a complete and automated business travel experience.”

When booking travel using, it’s easy to link your Expensify account to automatically send flight and hotel receipts. provides visibility into travel spend so Finance can see what employees are booking, where they are, and when their trips are taking place, as well as provides the ability for employees to easily book travel for themselves within the company’s travel policy. Setting up a travel policy with that includes company guidelines, but still allows employees to have a good travel experience, takes just minutes.

“Deepening key partner integrations helps us in our goal of delivering the absolute best customer experience in business travel,” said Tim Knowling, VP of Partnerships at “We are thrilled to bring more flexibility and functionality to the integration with Expensify.”

Additionally, Flywheel wanted to ensure employees had world class support, particularly with so many things that can go wrong with travel – and delivers. After Flywheel evaluated several travel management solutions, the company found that Lola was the only product that provided everything needed from the finance side and all the features employees wanted from the traveler side.

For the case study, “Control, Visibility, and an App That Travelers Actually Love to Use,” that details Flywheel’s success using, visit:

About makes Agile Travel Management real by providing a super simple way to manage, book and report on business travel, saving employers and travelers time and money. Happy employee travel experiences within a policy can be set up in five minutes. uses machine learning and 24/7 support to help travelers easily book trips, while empowering managers to create policies, view budgets and expenditures, and monitor their globetrotting team efficiently. Based in Boston, the company was founded in 2015 by Paul English, co-founder of the travel booking site KAYAK, and is led by CEO Mike Volpe, previously CMO at HubSpot. For more information, visit and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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