American Express Global Business Travel and Partnership Means Simple, Fast, and Beautiful Business Travel

American Express Global Business Travel and Partnership Means Simple, Fast, and Beautiful Business Travel

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups is a booming industry, and today, puts new stakes in the ground as one of the hottest SaaS startups around. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is recognizing as the modern, super-simple app that business travel customers in the small to medium market have been seeking.

Today, GBT announced partnering with to offer discounted rates and an easier way for its business travelers all over the world to book and manage travel. GBT books over $45 billion in business travel each year. expects to generate at least $1 billion in travel sales from the partnership. So, yeah, it’s a big deal.


Largely, traditional travel management companies have been geared toward enterprise solutions that are expensive and complicated. Together, GBT and are bringing business travel up to par with consumer-grade tools.

For GBT clients looking for a self-service managed travel solution that doesn’t sacrifice traveler experience, this should excite you. The solution is a quick and nimble way for companies to create a travel policy that enables employees to do what’s right for the business, as well as supporting corporate efforts for duty of care, data analysis, employee retention and cost-control through GBT’s competitive rates and fares.

For the traveler, the program enhances their experience and offers pre and post-trip service. Travelers have access to an intuitive and simple omni-channel experience, 24/7 support chat, and the content that’s right for them.

The new platform is bringing:

  • Fastest set-up in the industry
  • Real-time reporting
  • Ability to know where your employees are
  • Dynamic and agile travel policy
  • One-click expense integration
  • VIP traveler support experience

GBT builds and invests in technology that combines the best in consumer experience with seamless service for companies of all sizes. is backed by powerful technology that fits this bill. Plain and simple, GBT clients on the Lola platform benefit from a simple and personalized platform that is ideal for both company and employee.  

At, we’re excited to deliver super-simple business travel to GBT customers. It will look good on them, don’t you think?

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