3 Keys for Successful Inbound Marketing

3 Keys for Successful Inbound Marketing

In late February, Lola.com’s CEO Mike Volpe led a discussion at the Accel Breakfast Series in London about all things inbound marketing.

For a full recap of the fascinating conversation you can (and should) check out this great LinkedIn post, but we wanted to share some of the highlights here. Here are our three favorite takeaways from the discussion.

There are two key advantages of inbound content.

When building a marketing strategy, you’re always looking for the best ROI. Through years of research and testing, Mike has found that inbound marketing (like your company blog) consistently returns more value in two key ways.

From Mike: “Having regularly compared the cost of hiring a blogger to what that same money would achieve invested in SEO and paid search, I’ve generally found the blog delivers better value. Secondly, inbound leads have a better conversion rate than those you pay for — as much as 5x in my experience.”

Think creatively about content creators.

When hiring someone to write engaging content geared to their target audience, many companies instinctively turn to journalists. But for many businesses, the right person may already be hiding in plain sight — an internal thought leader who may just need a nudge to become a source of highly targeted, highly engaging content.

From Mike: “Sometimes these people will be on your team already, but need convincing that their ideas are interesting, and content creation is worth their time. Make the effort, because they are the thought leaders who will really earn respect and gain traction.”

Don’t let your marketing strategy grow stale.

The instinct may be to stick with what’s working, but that can often lead your company into a period of stagnancy, or worse, diminishing returns. Instead: keep learning, iterating and improving.

From Mike: “User experience can differ from the expectations of the product designers. You need to study your customers and learn from them what the actual use case is. Then you can build your marketing around that.”

Remember to check out the full conversation for more inbound marketing gems, but hopefully these three principles whet your appetite.  

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About the Author: Mike Baker
Mike was Director of Marketing for Lola.com and a former journalist, farmer and teacher.