Real-time Policy Management 

How 1 to 10 person finance teams automate their travel policies and expense approvals.

The Spend Management solution

Because you're tired of being the bad guy.

It's always painful. Someone breaks your expense policy and you have to decide: do I still reimburse them or make them eat it? Your process guarantees that finance is always the bad guy. 

Introducing the Financial Operations Platform.

Automate your policies and make finance the good guys.

Here's how you automate your policies with 

Create your groups.

Set your policies.


Unlimited policy groups.

Organize your employees however you need. Set company-wide policies for everyone. Create custom policies as needed.


Limit where you can spend.

Restrict your cards from being used at specific kinds of merchants. Or do the opposite. With over 500 merchant category codes, you're in control.

Automated Policies - Wireframe

And what you can book.

Limit your team's options by cost, cabin class, star rating, or more. Set hard caps, or flexible ones based on the cheapest available fare.  


Control your spend with budgets.

Use policies to control what you can purchase. Use budgets to control how much. Now you have complete control over your spend. 

Enforce policies before-the-fact. checks every transaction before it clears. Our software rejects out-of-policy transactions instantly, instead of forcing you to play bad cop.

Customize approvals.

Review your largest transactions efficiently with invoice approvals. Create approval workflows. Schedule payments. All in the same platform as your expenses.
1x1 - Paying the Bills (Transparent)

How much time do you spend...

... arguing about budgets?

... chasing down receipts?

... fixing expense reports?

... booking your travel?

... explaining the finer points of accrual-based accounting?

You've got better things to do.

You deserve the Financial Operations Platform.

pie chart

Control your spend with budgets.

Get real-time visibility and control of your spend. Empower your budget owners while staying in control. Replace your spreadsheets and emails with and make your budgets scale.

credit card

Spend how you want.

Spend with corporate cards, virtual cards, invoices, or reimbursements. Every transaction rolls up to your budgets in real-time so you always know where you stand.

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Get instant expense reporting.

Every expense is categorized and reported against budgets in real-time. When you're ready - you can sync expenses to your ledger in just one click. No more expense reports, manual ledger entries, or chasing after receipts.


Automate your policies.

Our software checks every transaction against budgets and policies before it clears. Out of policy transactions are denied, making sure your teams stay on budget.


Book hotels, flights, and cars.

Book your travel and manage your expenses in one simple platform. makes it easy for your team to book for themselves, and gives you control over each booking and total spend.

Be The Good Guys

Get the Financial Operations platform and automate your policies.