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Automated travel expense management.

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Super Simple T&E Expense Management

Say goodbye to paper travel receipts.

With Lola + Expensify, every step of the expense management process is automated, making it easier than ever to track and reimburse travel spend. 

When employees book travel through Lola, their digital receipts are automatically sent to Expensify at the end of a trip, which can be synced with your company's preferred accounting software for real-time visibility into travel spend. 

For any other expenses incurred along the way, employees simply snap a photo of the receipt and add the expense to their trip for automatic receipt forwarding. 

No more printing or emailing receipts, just: 

  • Next-day reimbursement
  • SmartScan receipt categorization technology
  • Automatic receipt forwarding

Track travel spend in real time, all in one place.

Lola's one-click integration with Expensify not only makes it super simple to reimburse employees for T&E expenses – it also provides an easy way for finance teams to track and report on travel spend in real time

Thanks to Expensify's automated receipt forwarding and Lola's powerful reporting tools, you can easily see how much you've spent on travel in a given period and forecast future spend. 

Forget late expense reports, forget inaccurate travel spend forecasts, use Lola + Expensify to:

  • View travel spend in real time
  • Collect all T&E expenses in the same place
  • Forecast travel spend to stay under budget

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