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GBTA Reflection: Is Bigger Always Better?

By now, the 7,100 people who swarmed over the vast exhibit hall and jammed into scores of meeting rooms for the annual convention of the Global ...

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GBTA Day Three: Reflecting on the Roots of Ride Hailing Services

CHICAGO - GBTA - August 8th -- I’m a fairly new, but definitely enthusiastic, convert to ride-hailing on business trips to big cities (I know, what ...

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GBTA Day Two Suggests Prioritizing Traveler Experience is Key

CHICAGO - GBTA - August, 7th – About 7,000 business travel professionals and suppliers are attending the annual Global Business Travel Association ...

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GBTA Convention Kicked Off With Discussion on Travel Risk Management

CHICAGO – GBTA Convention - Aug. 5th, 2019- “Even in the U.S. there are numerous challenges,” said Bruce McIndoe, the president and founder of the ...

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