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Mike Volpe and Ryan Ball Discuss the Keys to Selling Fast

Listen to the recent episode of The Sales Podcast to hear Volpe and Ball discuss right brain vs. left brain sales strategies, misunderstood millennials, the unique challenges of the solopreneur and more. 

Wes Schaffer, from The Sales Whisperer, recently hosted CEO, Mike Volpe, and VP of Sales, Ryan Ball, on The Sales Podcast to chat about Lola’s growth, the decrease of formality in business, and how to identify opportunities to scale fast.

The three sit down to discuss the differences across larger enterprises, SMBs, and solopreneuers when it comes to growing a business. How do you unite the analytical left-brain business tasks with the more creative right-brain items with a large team vs. as an individual? Do millennials get a bad rap for not working hard? Or does it just come down to finding candidates with skills that align with your company environment?

To hear more about where Volpe, Ball, and Schaffer think business strategies are moving toward in the future, listen to the full interview below.


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