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Powerful tools

Simple, yet powerful tools.

Lola's complex algorithms deliver lightning fast results. Robust analysis tools provide unprecedented visibility into travel spend.

Employee friendly

Employee-friendly guidelines.

Give employees what they love — loyalty points, flexible schedules, 24/7 support — get back happy, productive employees. Simple, right?

Greater savings

Greater visibility,
greater savings.

Lola’s advanced Dashboard delivers unprecedented, real-time visibility into travel spend. So you can adjust on-the-fly and save money. How cool is that?

With Lola on your team, everyone benefits.

  • Finance
  • Executive Assistants
  • Exec. Assistants
  • Travelers

Destress and save.

Travel spend’s easier. Simple guidelines add to employee buy-in. Greater visibility into budget helps you save money.

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Destress and save.

Gone are the hours managing company travel. Lola's simplicity gives you back your time.

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Destress and save.

Less stress, more productivity. Book in minutes using your preferred hotels/flights. Plus, Lola's 24/7 travel pros always have your back.

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