Automated travel policy

Lola’s customizable booking guidelines and automatic out-of-policy notifications make it clear to travelers and admins exactly what options are within their travel policy.

Travel Policy Made Clear.

We want to make it as easy as possible for travelers to stay within their travel policy, which is why we’ve integrated policy guidelines directly into our platform. When finance teams put their corporate travel policy into the product, travelers will clearly see which flights and hotels are in policy.


Compliance leads to savings.


out-of-policy reporting

Maintain a stable budget.

By providing clear rules for which purchases are policy compliant, your budget will remain more consistent.

expense receipts

Accurate travel budget forecasting.

With a stable budget, you’re well equipped to predict future travel spend.


Communicate clearly.

Travelers will see in their search results which flights and hotels are in policy and which are not.

A Clear, Communicated Policy

When corporate travel policies are integrated into the platform, travelers will automatically see which options are in or out of policy as they search for flights and hotels. Boost compliance and increase savings by clearly communicating policy guidelines within the booking tool.