Saved traveler profiles

Lola's saved traveler profiles & preferences make it easy for admins to book travel accommodations for others, including their loyalty programs.

Seamlessly book on behalf.

Each traveler has their own profile — with loyalty programs and specific travel preferences — so that admins can book their travel with ease.

traveler profiles

Reduce travel friction.

flight preferences

Eliminate the back & forth.

Traveling employees can save their airline, seat, and hotel preferences in their profiles for a seamless book on behalf process.

loyalty program

Track loyalty points.

Travelers can add loyalty rewards programs to their profiles so they are always collecting points, no matter who books the travel.


Streamlined process.

With saved traveler profiles, travelers’ names, payment methods, and calendar settings are available for EAs booking group travel.

Empower Your Travel Managers

With saved profiles that include traveler information, loyalty programs, payment methods, and calendar details, administrators can easily book travel on behalf of other employees, without the back and forth communication.