Massive flight and hotel inventory

Lola's massive inventory of flights and hotels includes all of the major carriers and chains, and features negotiated rates thanks to Lola's deep industry partnerships and $30 billion in buying power.

Easily Compare Options. has eliminated the need for time-consuming comparison shopping. Our extensive inventory from all the major airlines and hotel providers, including negotiated rates, all populate within the product. has flight inventory from Amadeus, Sabre,, Expedia, and

Simple searching.

GBT special fares

Save up to 30%.

Through our deep industry partnerships, we can offer our customers discounted rates on thousands of flights.

hotel map view

Extensive options.

Lola's broad inventory is pulled from consumer sites, like Expedia, direct suppliers, and deep industry relationships to give our users the most, and least expensive, options.

easily compare flight options

All-in-one search & book.

Search, compare and book travel without ever leaving Lola’s platform. Select a flight or hotel and easily compare options within the product.

Organized booking

When booking in Lola, compare different flight and hotel options without leaving the product. Your preferred providers are shown first, but select any options to read more details.