Automatic travel expensing

Lola's integrations with expense management tools allow travelers to upload digital receipts and automatically forward them at trip's end.

Bye-bye Paper Receipts.

When business travelers take three weeks to submit their receipts and expense reports, your finance team suffers. With automatic expensing tools and digital travel receipts, there are no more excuses. Travelers can submit digital receipts while on the road, and a report is automatically created once the trip is over.

automatic expensing

Revamping expense reports.


expense receipts

Timely expense reports.

Travelers can upload digital receipts to Lola's platform and when the trip is over, those receipts are automatically forwarded to the finance team.

traveler report

Real-time visibility.

All travel spend can be managed and analyzed in real time, so you can control costs before it’s too late.

forecasting travel spend

Accurate forecasting.

More precise budgeting makes for accurate predictions of future travel spend.

Hands Off Expensing

Lola’s integration with Expensify enables travelers to take photos of their receipts and upload them to Lola’s platform, while still on the road. These receipts, plus charges for the flights and hotels, will automatically be collected into an expense report as soon as the trip has ended.