Why Robin chose Lola as their Corporate Travel Management Platform.

The way Robin Powered managed their business travel was anything but manageable — bad news for an office management company. Enter Lola, the super-simple, corporate travel management solution.

"Life now with Lola is a lot more streamlined. I’m able to focus on other things because I’m not spending time chasing people down to get their travel (info).

My favorite feature of Lola is that employees can book for each other so if they’re flying together on trips, they can have the same itinerary. And for employees I think the feedback we’ve gotten is that they love the concierge access.

Implementing Lola was very easy. The great team of Lola came by and talked to my sales team about Lola and answered my questions, and talked about all of the features that were active today and what we could expect. It was very easy to get everybody onboarded.

I was booking a flight for someone else through Lola and ... I had the week wrong. I was able to contact the Lola concierge ...have it all taken care of. It was so easy. Rebooked the next morning with us getting into the app and finding the flights for the next day. It was super easy. They handled the cancellation and all that. Confirmed that everything went through and that we were getting a refund and made a fire drill situation a lot easier.

With Lola, I can take more of my time back!"

– Alix Gregory, Business Operations & Finance Lead, Robin Powered

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