Case Studies

Learn how companies save time and money by using to manage corporate travel.


"Lola takes the entire process down from three days to ten minutes."

Becky Garber, Experience Manager


"Not only does Lola meet the needs of the finance organization but it actually leads to a really really good experience for the traveler."

Steve Isom, VP of Finance


"I just wish I could scream from the rooftops, Lola is great!"

Meagan Dignan, Employee Happiness Manager


"It feels great knowing that Lola has our backs no matter what."

Jennifer Rhode, Human Resources Administrator


"This past month was the busiest travel month we’ve ever had. I have heard no complaints, no issues, nothing. That silence says everything."

Alix Gregory, Operations Lead


"Sales reps can book their own flights, and the finance team isn’t worried about them going out of guidelines."

Alex Mackenzie, Director of Sales

Townsquare Interactive

"Lola is so easy to use. Everything is in one spot and only needs to be entered once."

Laura Bozzone, Assistant Business Manager


"Having a travel agent available 24/7 to help with any issues that come up is a way to make sure our employees are taken care of on the road."

Michelle, Office Manager