Get on budget. lets you stop overspend before it even happens.

budget management software
"Before Lola, I just emailed out budgets and hoped everyone could keep track. With Lola, I know they can!"

- Future you

Share budgets, fast.

We made it easy to get budgets out on day one. We made it even easier to adjust them on the fly.

Get budgets done, fast.

Set custom limits.

You can create policies for every card, person, team, or the entire company.  Set limits on transaction sizes or spend categories.


Get on budget.

Every transaction instantly maps to a budget. We decline any charges that would put you over. It's impossible to overspend with


Empower your team.

Your budget owners can allocate their budgets by person, category, or vendor. Combined with  real time visibility into spend, they finally have the tools they need to manage to budget.



What do you track against budgets?

Most department budgets include 2 types of spend: people spend (payroll, commission, benefits), and discretionary spend (invoices and cards). Right now, we track discretionary card spend against budgets. But we have some big plans to help save you time managing the rest of your budget soon 🙂.

Can you track spend against budgets in real time? How?

When you create a budget, you can associate it with any number of departments, people, and expense categories. Our software checks every transaction against your budget rules in real time. Most transactions fit nicely into a single budget, and our software categorizes it for you. If a transaction could fit multiple budgets, you decide where to put it. We make this easier with smart suggestions, based on your budget set-up.


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