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Wombats to the Rescue!

By Kathleen Burns, published on Sep 23, 2019
Wombats to the Rescue!

You know that gut-wrenching moment mid-travel when you realize you’ve forgotten your passport, or your credit card won’t work, or the last leg of your multi-stop trip gets canceled?

Yeah, us too. And so do our customers.

That’s why one of the aspects of Lola that delights our customers most is our dedicated, genuine, and creative thinking customer service team, lovingly known as the Wombats.

In fact, we value the Wombats’ empathy and care for our customers so much that we made it a core Lola value. Wombattitude is humans helping humans in an empathetic, authentic, and even offbeat way. Check out how Wombattitude has been a life saving contribution to these customers’ travel experiences.

BotKeeper’s CEO, Enrico Palmerino, forgot his passport (yes, forgot his passport) before an international flight to a critical speaking opportunity in Amsterdam. If that wasn’t enough, he was in Washington D.C. at a different event when he realized he had left his passport at home...in Boston. Yikes.

Check out how the Wombats helped Enrico out of this impossible situation.

Don’t you hate when work interferes with your personal life? Derek Kelliher, a Sales Representative at Drift, wouldn’t know. When he faced credit card trouble while trying to book a flight for work, Derek thought his Celtics tickets for that night would go to waste.

The Wombats weren’t gonna let that happen.

Speaking of work problems infiltrating home life...Brett Hicks, Employee Experience at Flywheel, was prepping for a dinner party of 18 one Sunday night when the last leg of an employee’s international flight was canceled — while he was still in the air.

By the time the Wombats reached out to Brett about the problem, a solution was already in place. And no dinner rolls were burned in the process.

When you travel with Lola, our Wombats are there to help. Or in some cases, save the day.

About the Author: Kathleen Burns