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Who is Joe Sharkey? sits down with its business travel columnist to discuss his 16 years writing weekly “on the road” columns for The New York Times, his predictions for the future of corporate travel, and the time his plane collided in midair.

This week we spoke with Joe to learn about his career and how he looks at business travel today. It was a fascinating conversation about the past, present and future of corporate travel and hits on:

  • The impact of millennial business travelers.
  • The time his flight collided in midair over the Amazon and he was one of only 7 to survive.
  • How the industry has shifted throughout his career.
  • How the corporate travel space is going to evolve 10 years from now.
  • Which corporate travel technology tools that he relies on to get around.
  • So much more

To tune in to the in depth interview with Sharkey, check out the full uncut video below:


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