Which Airline Has the Best Snacks? 5 Fascinating Stats on Business Travelers’ Brand Preferences

Which Airline Has the Best Snacks? 5 Fascinating Stats on Business Travelers’ Brand Preferences


If you travel frequently for work, it’s only natural that you develop routines and preferences. Maybe you have a favorite lunch spot at the airport you connect through twice a month. Or it could be a hotel you’re particularly fond of due to their convenient early check-in policy. 

And often these preferences are connected to specific chain businesses or brands -- experiences that stay consistent whether you’re in Detroit or Dallas. Pretty soon your time on the road starts to feel a little more like home. 

We asked more than 1,000 business travelers in the U.S. about their brand preferences when they’re hitting the pavement. JetBlue or Delta? Hilton or Hyatt? Starbucks or Dunkin’? Read on to see if your opinions are shared by the crowd or separate you from the pack.

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What’s business travelers’ favorite airline? That honor goes to American Airlines, with 28% of survey respondents giving it their #1 slot. Delta was a close second garnering 25% of the vote, followed by Southwest (19%) and United (15%). 

The survey also revealed that American is business travelers’ most used airline. Gotta bank those frequent flyer miles, right?

In-flight Snacks

Maybe one of the reasons American tops the list of preferred airlines is because of its in-flight food. The airline earned the top slot for favorite snacks as well, with the full ranking as follows:

  • American (27%)
  • Delta (26%)
  • United (14%)
  • Southwest (13%)
  • JetBlue (10%)
  • Virgin (3%)
  • Alaska (3%)
  • Frontier (1%)
  • Other (3%) 



When it comes to business hotels, Marriott is the chain business travelers most like to check into when they travel, followed by Hilton in second and Hyatt in third.  

Interestingly, gender played a role in hotel preference. Women are 30% more likely to stay at a Hilton, while men are 38% more likely to stay at a Hyatt. 

Starbucks or Dunkin’?

Perhaps the most important question of all: Where do business travelers prefer to get their caffeine fix? Starbucks triumphs over Dunk’s in the coffee category, with business travelers being twice as likely to choose the mermaid cup. At least for folks on the road, it seems they’re more likely to be thinking in “tall, grande, venti” instead of “small, medium, large.”     

Besides brand preferences, our survey also asked about staying healthy on the road, seat preferences, thoughts on Airbnb vs. hotels, and more. Check out the rest of the data here.

About the Author: Emma Brudner