The 8 Most Frustrating Things About Business Travel

The 8 Most Frustrating Things About Business Travel


We know, we know business travel can be a real pain in the you-know-what… For all sorts of reasons.

It’s time consuming, airport wifi is crummy, and other travelers aren’t quite as savvy as us road warriors. 

Last week Mike Volpe, our CEO, took to Twitter to actually ask business travelers about the biggest frustrations they face on the road.


Here are some of the top themes.

1. Wasted time, especially when it's time away from family. 

2. Staying on top of health goals becomes significantly more difficult.

3. Other people also appear to be a massive pain. 

4. The environmental impact of travel

5. Bad WiFi...

6. The aftermath of expense reports, receipt collecting, and reimbursements...the worst.

7. The lovely, inevitable, travel mishaps. 

8. And for some, the entire process. 


What are your least favorite parts of business travel?


About the Author: Kathleen Burns
Kathleen Burns was a Content Marketing Associate at from 2019-20.