Do Airline Loyalty Programs Benefit Companies?

Do Airline Loyalty Programs Benefit Companies?


You know that feeling when you earn enough stars on your Starbucks app to get a free drink? All of those days you spent stopping in the same store, ordering the same drink and accumulating points were worth it.

If you ask your colleagues who constantly travel for business, they’re probably doing the same thing with their airline miles. The fact that you can earn miles on business trips isn’t exactly breaking news, but did you know that employee corporate travel bookings can earn points for your company too? For free. On top of the points they’re earning from themselves.

These rewards are called airline business loyalty programs, and they can have a significant impact on your corporate travel & expense budget.

How do airline business loyalty programs work?

It is a common policy for businesses to allow employees to earn personal miles when they book air travel for work — a small convenience for employees sacrificing time away from home and family. With airline business loyalty programs, airlines essentially allow companies to double dip. On top of the miles travelers earn, your company can rack up enough points to earn rewards like upgrading flights for executives, level-up the status of a top sales rep, or even donate the points to charity.

Who are these programs for?

If you think these programs are only for giant corporations, we have good news: You can sign up for free with no minimum requirements, and when you manage your company’s travel through, we can store these programs in your file, helping you easily earn and track your company’s points. Just like with your Starbucks rewards, you’ll be obsessing over your company’s airline points in no time.

Here at, it’s our mission to make business travel super simple and easy. Below are just some of the programs available. We’ve provided the link to sign your company up for the program.

Where can you find these programs?

Most major airlines have their own corporate loyalty programs. Here are a few of the most popular: 


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