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Trips View: Even More Insight Into Your Company’s Travel

By Jack Ablon
Trips View: Even More Insight Into Your Company’s Travel


Introducing Trips View! Admins will now be able to see new metrics on their dashboard about the trips being taken by their employees. These new features now make it even easier to fully understand and contextualize your travel spend.

First, admins will be able to see the number of Active, Upcoming, and Past trips in graphical form.



Next, they have access to a chart depicting how many trips are being made month by month.



Lastly, they will see the top 3 destinations (and number of trips taken to each one) that your road warriors are traveling to, and the hours, days, and miles that they have spent on the road.



As with the rest of the Dashboard, you can filter by type of booking, department, and/or date(s). So, the data shown in these new Trips features will depend on the filters that you have set.


Lola.com continues to innovate to make business travel as easy as possible. Trips View is yet another feature that will give your admins and finance team access to helpful information that makes their job even easier and keeps them even happier.


posted by

Jack Ablon

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