Traveling Home For the Holidays as Told By ‘Friends’ Gifs

Traveling Home For the Holidays as Told By ‘Friends’ Gifs

Masses of people traveling home on the same couple of days? What could go wrong?

It’s that time of know the one. Back to back holidays, poor weather conditions, and crunch time at work make for a stressful end to the year — especially when you add travel into the mix. 

First of all, if you didn’t book your holiday flights in June, you’re screwed. Have fun paying $350 for a middle seat with three layovers when you’re only traveling two states over. 

The airlines are particularly greedy this time of year. 

give me your money

Choosing a day to fly is tricky. You probably have some PTO days that will go to waste if you don’t use them, but how long do you really want to be at your parents or in-laws house?


Once you get to the airport, you’ll have to face the hordes of families each checking five bags, three pairs of skis and two strollers.


When you decide checking a bag is a waste of time and money, you’ll probably have to do a little rearranging.

#4 clothes

And you might even have to pretend you’re new to flying when the gate agents try to explain that your carry-on is bigger than the size limits.


Once you finally get settled and pull out your computer to do some work, you’ll probably have to fight off your fellow laptop-bearing passengers for the last outlet at the charging station.


As if things weren’t going great already, the gate agents inform you that your flight has been delayed. 


Finally, your plane is boarding. But as you’re shuffling to your seat, the person in front of you takes the last overhead bin with their small backpack.


BUT WAIT! One more empty spot at the very back of the plane — and it’s yours.


The laughter doesn’t last long as you realize there are multiple crying babies on your six hour flight.


And then the person in the window seat keeps asking to get up to go to the bathroom.


It wouldn’t be a holiday flight without hitting some serious winter weather. 


When you manage to gather all your belongings on the way off the plane you realize you left all of your family’s presents at home…


And then you find out from the airline service agent that they lost your luggage that you were forced to gate check.


The only thing that keeps you going is the thought of finally relaxing once you get to your family’s house. 


But then you actually arrive home and Grandma just starts grilling you about why you’re still single….


You got this — and we’ll be there for you. 

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