The Top 5 Airport Coffee Spots

The Top 5 Airport Coffee Spots


It’s no secret that a staple for an early morning flight or day long itinerary is caffeine. And lots of it. But, a $6 cup of airport coffee can often be pretty crappy. We’ve identified five of the best coffee spots in airports around the world. Here are the coffee shops to scope out next time you hit the road. 

O’Hare during the winter can become a nightmare. Warm up during your layover with their unique Schweik’s Blend for a cup of full-bodied coffee with hints of orange, jasmine, and caramel. 

  • Guava & Java - Philadelphia International Airport (Concourse B)

This place is known for its seven single-origin blends made with beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia and world renowned La Colombe. Yes please.

This one’s for the trendy type. Live-music during lunch time and green juices to curb the inevitable traveler’s cold only add to J and the J’s award winning caffeine offerings.

For a local Oregon cold brew on your way in or out of town, checkout Stumptown to try the now nationally famous coffee.

Need something a little stronger? This cafe boasts a famous, historic Irish Coffee that frequent fliers swear by.

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