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The State of Corporate Travel in 2019

A new comprehensive study from reveals how frequent business travelers feel about the good, the bad and the ugly of corporate travel

Every day, 1.3 million people travel for business. These trips — whether by air, rail or road — are an important aspect of many Americans’ jobs, enabling them to meet with clients, pitch new prospects, attend conferences and so much more.

Unsurprisingly, business travelers have some pretty strong opinions about the whole corporate travel policy: Preferences about flight options, concerns over productivity, pain points over the booking process, and more.

We wanted to deeply understand these opinions so we conducted a detailed survey-based study of more than 630 frequent business travelers to dig into these details.

What did we discover? So much. Flexibility reigns supreme, loyalty points are a must, and companies must provide more support to frequent employee travelers. And that’s just the tip of the corporate travel iceberg.

Over the next week, will release a series of articles outlining and interpreting the findings of this one-of-a-kind study, in addition to a full downloadable report with all the findings.

Here’s what's on tap:

Does company size have an impact on corporate travel preferences?

Where you end up working is not an accident. Employees pick their jobs based on a variety of factors, and one of the most important is company size. And these preferences – stability vs. flexibility, support vs. autonomy — can have a huge impact on what these workers expect out of their corporate travel programs.

Read the article: How Does Company Size Affect Corporate Travel Preferences?

Is corporate travel a privilege or a burden?

Business travel isn’t always fun. However, many employees (especially those at smaller companies) view corporate travel as a perk – a chance to get out of the office and even an opportunity to extend a trip for personal reasons. But most respondents had some specific recommendations for how their employers can help them view corporate travel as a benefit rather than a burden.

Read the article: Corporate Travel - A Privilege or Burden?

How important is brand loyalty to corporate travelers?

Frequent business travelers understandably have strong preferences about how and where they travel. Whether these opinions come down to brand preferences, loyalty points or prestige, it’s important to understand exactly what matters to these road warriors.

Read the article: Do Corporate Travelers Care About Loyalty?

Ready to dig into the full findings? You can the entire report, for FREE, here:

How does your corporate travel policy stack up?

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