The Most Important Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

The Most Important Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

The hotel per diem allowed by your company is based on cost, but what does that cost include? No-charge extras can make a big difference in comfort and convenience, but the list of potential business hotel amenities is long. Which ones resonate loudest with your employees will depend on who they are, why they’re traveling, and how long they will be staying.

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Here are some of the best hotel amenities that the majority of business travelers want.  

Keeping the Blood Flowing

People need exercise after being cooped up in a plane or in meetings for most of the day. Hoofing it to nearby shopping might appeal, but for convenience and efficiency nothing beats the hotel pool or workout room. Except, perhaps, Hilton's new “Five Feet to Fitness” rooms that include an alcove with strength training and cardio workout equipment plus a kiosk with workout videos.

Keeping the Body Fueled

Free breakfast, a mini-fridge to store leftovers and snacks, a microwave or kitchenette can all save travelers time as well as money, especially if they’ll be in place for several days. Not everyone even wants to eat out for every meal.

Outside the room but still on-property, 24/7 dining options (with healthy food choices) are rapidly gaining popularity. Business travelers have odd, unpredictable schedules, which can put traditional breakfast-lunch-dinner meals out of reach. Savvy hotels are offering round-the-clock dining areas as well as grab-and-go food and beverage options. (Choosing a daily meal per diem for your corporate travel policy supports this flexibility.)

Meeting Space, Not Just A Business Center

Chatting over drinks or a meal is business as usual, but some conversations require more privacy. Or the group is larger. Onsite conference rooms can be as valuable as a business center with printers, etc.

Productivity Boosters

Employees travel for work, so work space is a must. What amenities matter the most?

  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi with easy access – hotel-wide, please!

  • Comfortable desk and chair space

  • Stand-up desk or bar counter with a tall stool

  • More outlets and ports, to accommodate multiple devices

  • In-room chargers

Smart Stuff

Your people use their smartphones for everything else, why not checking in, keyless room entry, ordering room service, or alerting the valet they’ll need their rental car soon? A just-released survey found that while 75% of American business travelers are concerned about privacy issues surrounding digital hotel amenities, 44% still said they would prefer to book a smart hotel room.

Get the Most from Your Hotel Per Diem

Typically, the most cost-effective hotels for business travelers are in the mid-scale to upscale range. Surprised? It’s because they tend to offer the best business traveler amenities. Dynamic pricing ensures your people stay in consistently comfortable surroundings, no matter the city. With corporate travel guidelines (including preferred or partner hotel chains) built right into the booking process, plus dynamic pricing, employees never have to waste time researching hotels or wonder if the amenities they need most will be available.

Hotel Amenities Aren’t Just “Nice Extras”

The ability to book hotels with most-wanted amenities not only boosts employee travel experience, it can eliminate the temptation for them to book outside your travel policy guidelines. That saves time and hassle for everyone, and keeps corporate travel on budget. We think you’d agree those are some nice business amenities. 

About the Author: Shelby Byrnes
Shelby is a New England native who's desire to see and understand the world has led her to pursue a degree in Geography, a career spent in travel and tourism, and the bulk of all of her expendable income visiting five of the seven continents! For the last 11 years, Shelby has worked almost exclusively with booking and managing domestic and international airfare. She knows the airline rules (even the seemingly illogical ones) inside and out. When she's not exchanging a ticket, booking a flight, or packing her own suitcase, Shelby likes to host brunch parties for her friends, go to see live music, or curl up with a good book and her kitty Lulu.