5 Benefits of Managed Corporate Travel for Finance Departments

What is Business Travel Management?

What Do People Want in a Corporate Travel Management Solution?

Is Frustrating Corporate Travel Leading to Employee Turnover?



10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

To Self-Book or Not to Self-Book?

How to earn free CPE credits

Free is a very good price, as they say, and who wouldn’t agree? As an accounting/finance professional who has earned a CPA, you know more than most ...

Guide to Corporate Travel Services

Why the Cheapest Option isn’t Always Your Best Option

What is a Corporate Travel Program?

How Helps Streamline Corporate Travel For Everyone in Your Organization

Choosing the Best Travel Management Software

Trips View: Even More Insight Into Your Company’s Travel

Tips for Managing Business Travel

Business Travel Solutions

What You Need to Know When Planning Corporate Group Travel

Process Makes Perfect Launches New Suite of Reporting Tools

What Is a Corporate Travel Agent?

What is Corporate Travel Management?

The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

Travel Manager Job Description

Words of Wisdom for a Business Travel Manager

Getting Ready for REAL ID - Things A People Ops Leader Needs to Know

You’ve probably heard the rumor – perhaps for years: soon you will need “Real ID” to board a domestic flight in the US. Like almost everyone else, ... Named to Spark’s Favorite B2B SaaS Websites List, the Agile Travel Management™ company that provides a super simple way to manage, book, and report on business travel, has been named one of ... Makes It Easier Than Ever to Save Money on Corporate Travel

Do Airline Loyalty Programs Benefit Companies?

Dear HR: Your Traveling Employees Want More Support on the Road

Sure, snacks and swag are fun, but peace of mind on the road can be a much more meaningful employee perk Companies are always looking for ways to ...

How Does Your Corporate Travel Program Stack Up?

Many businesses are wasting time and money on travel — are you? Travel is an essential part of many businesses. Whether it’s face time with ...

Giving Corporate Travelers the Support They Need

Travel disruptions are a part of life, but dealing with them on your own doesn't have to be Traveling for work is hard enough on its own, but it ...

Why Digital Travel Receipts Are Everyone's BFF

Corporate travel is hard enough without needing to worry about paper receipts  One of the most annoying aspects of corporate travel management is ...

Bringing Your Corporate Travel Policy to Life

Why integrating your travel policy with corporate travel software can set you up for success It’s great to have a corporate travel policy in place. ...

How to Market Your Corporate Travel Policy to Employees

Without adoption, a travel policy is just another forgotten document As your company’s travel honcho, you got all your constituents to agree to ...

Should we ask employees to share hotel rooms when traveling for business?

How thrifty is too thrifty when trying to save money on corporate travel? 

5 Reasons Your Corporate Travel Policy Needs Regular Review

Things change fast in the world of business travel, and your policy needs to keep up As the corporate travel manager, you understand how important it ...

Why Small & Midsize Enterprises are Set to Transform Corporate Travel

SMEs don't have the budgets or time to make do with traditional travel management companies. Where will they turn? (A version of this article was ...

5 Must-Haves for Corporate Travel Management Software

New platforms have emerged to help companies manage corporate travel — what sets the best tools apart? The right corporate travel management tool can ...

How to Hire a Corporate Travel Manager

Your corporate travel program won’t manage itself — how can you bring in the perfect person for the job? You’ve gotten this far without a “real” ...

How to Get Support For Your Corporate Travel Program

Any effective travel program needs organizational buy-in — here are 7 ways to get support for yours Small and mid-size companies need to get a grip ...

Why You Should Encourage Your Corporate Travelers to Use Their Rewards

Business travel can feel like a burden but small things, like collecting loyalty points, can make a huge difference for frequent travelers

What Really Matters to Business Travelers?

People who travel regularly for work have specific preferences about how they travel — are their employers on the same page? Do you prefer a downtown ...

4 Ways Companies Can Make Their Corporate Travelers' Lives Easier

Corporate travelers routinely sacrifice personal and family time to travel for work — are their employers doing enough to make it up to them? Let’s ...

The State of Corporate Travel Management in 2019

Corporate Travel Glossary - Hotels, Airlines, and More

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The Simple Guide To Corporate Travel Management

3 Ways Corporate Travel Managers Can Stop Employees From Going Rogue

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