When is it Safe to Travel for Business Again?

  While many states are beginning to open back up after COVID-19 closures, you may be wondering: when is it actually safe to let my employees travel ...

Refunds in the age of COVID-19

  If you are anxiously looking at your calendar, wondering whether you will be able to take that business trip next month or the family vacation in ...

Best Travel Startups for Business Travel

Guide to Travel and Expense Management Software



10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

How To Create an Effective T&E Policy

Best Corporate Travel Software

Travel Management Solutions for Small Businesses Re-Thinks Visitor Profiles

Concur Customer Service: Everything You Need to Know

The Complete Guide to Corporate Travel Policies for Small Businesses

Travel Management for Small Businesses

Where is Your Company Wasting Time on Business Travel?

Business Travel Experience: It's a Matter of Customer Service

8 Tips for Busy Travel Managers

Recruit and Retain with Personal Travel

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Guide to the 14 Best Travel Apps

The Ultimate EA Guide to Prioritizing Business Travel Management

Get a Life, EAs! Your Work Depends on It

What Happens When Airline Tickets Go To Waste?

Shelby Byrnes,'s Travel Expert and Travel Agent Manager, answers our questions about what happens with unused tickets

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Management

Guide to Booking Travel: Direct vs. Third Party Sites

Cancel Culture

Business trips are often planned, cancelled or adjusted at the last minute — can you prevent these changes from wreaking havoc on your company's ...

Introducing Group Policy’s new, super simple way to automatically apply different travel policies for different types of employees

Why You Should Embrace a User-Centric Approach to Business Processes

Compliance can be painful and a bottleneck — but approaching it from the user’s perspective can improve adoption and buy-in

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Business Travel

5 Creative, and Meaningful, Employee Benefits

Cold brew and cold brews are great — but there are better ways to attract and retain the best employees

The Stress-Free EA: Easing the Pain of Booking on Behalf

Booking on behalf is one of the biggest frustrations for Executive Assistants. But, with the right tools in place, it doesn't have to be.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

Many companies, especially those facing rapid growth, are turning to new platforms to help them manage their business travel. But with so many ...

When (and How) to Say No as an Executive Assistant

Give Your Employees the Gift of Stress-Free Travel

Five reasons is the perfect perk for employee travel — even when they’re off the clock.

How to Uncover Corporate Travel Discounts

Every business whose employees travel for work needs to control travel expenses — and the right corporate travel discounts can help you get there. 

The Complete Guide to Using Travel Agencies for Small Businesses

How to Find the Best Deals for Corporate Travel

Business travel is expensive. Are you making  the most of your corporate travel budget?

How Can Executive Assistants Become Better Travel Managers?

As an executive assistant, you're likely roped into doubling as a corporate travel manager. So you might as well get good at it.

Executive Assistants: What the Job Description Did Not Tell You

Booking Leakage — What it is and why it's important to prevent

Booking leakage eliminates control of and visibility into travel spend — leaving you with an unhappy finance team.

Wombats to the Rescue!

The Complete Guide to Online Booking Tools

Choosing a Business Airline Rewards Program

Rewards: The Dollars and Sense of Travel Policy Compliance

Can you buy your way to corporate travel policy compliance? Should you?

5 Data Security Questions to Ask Your Business Travel Manager

Travel Management Companies need personal data to book your travel — do you know how they’re protecting it?

Business Travel? There’s an app for that.

A wave of new travel tech helps companies manage their travel — but how do you know what’s right for your business?

Duty of Care for Corporate Travel

With employees constantly on the road pursuing business opportunities across the country, or around the globe, your company has a legal ...

Corporate Travel Policies: What You Need to Know

Business Travel Booking Procedure FAQs

If you think teleconferencing technology has replaced the need for business travel, think again. 

How to Create an Effective Corporate Travel Policy

Creating a corporate travel policy from the ground up can be daunting. We’ve made a travel policy template in hopes of taking some of that pressure ...

Do Travel Compliance Incentives Make Sense for Your Company?

Should you implement incentive programs for your employees? Probably not.

How to Sell Your CFO on a Corporate Travel Management Solution

Trust us: corporate travel management software is an investment with a positive ROI. Need help convincing your CFO that it is worth consideration? ...

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