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The Bottom Line on Resort Fees

Just because you didn’t see yet another headline about resort fees in the trade press within the past 24 hours does not mean this contentious subject ...

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The Complexities of Boarding an Airplane

In his Inferno, Dante assigned the doomed through nine circles of hell depending on how he judged their offenses. Meanwhile, Scripture posits that ...

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Ladies First: Keeping Female Business Travelers Safe

The numbers are clear. Women worry more about safety while traveling than men do. And for good reasons. If your corporate travel program isn’t ...

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Resort Fees Self-Defense for Personal Travelers

As a business traveler, you have undoubtedly experienced the frustration (well, OK, total irritation) of unexpected add-on hotel fees. Call them what ...

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How To Save Money During Business Travel

As self-employed travel columnist for two decades, I’ve usually booked my own travel, independent of a corporate travel manager. That makes me less ...

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