Dear Yanni

Travel expert, Yanni Poulakos, answers your pressing business travel questions about travel spend, employee-friendly travel policies, technical know-how and more.

Dear Yanni...Are refundable fares worth the cost?

A discussion of refundable fares and the woes of rebooking fees in this week's column.

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Dear Yanni...Bleisure travel — what's the deal?

How to eloquently tack leisure travel onto business trips and subtly getting space from colleagues while on the road in this week's column.

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Dear Yanni...How do I get off of hold?

How to side-step the phone queue, booking business class on the company's dime, and surreptitious surcharges in this week's column

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Dear Yanni...Travel Insurance — Yay or Nay?

This week Yanni dives into the best practices for travel insurance and same day round-trip business travel.

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Dear Yanni...I've booked the wrong flight. Help!

Oopsie flight purchases and a Global Entry vs. TSA Precheck debate in the latest installment of Dear Yanni.

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