Agile Operations Summit: That's a Wrap!

Looking back at the highlights from’s sold-out conference for finance & operations professionals

6 Ways to Become an Agile Ops Pro

It takes a lot to build an agile ops environment in any company. But one of the most important steps to take is focus on your own development as an ...

Agile Operations Summit: Not Your Average Finance Conference

Why bother attending yet another conference? Because the Agile Operations Summit will offer actionable insights into improving the often overlooked ...

3 Agile Ops Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran built her company and her career using the right people, resources and processes — all of which are key principles of agile ...



10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

7 Things to Expect at’s Agile Operations Summit

Here’s a few things to expect from our flagship conference — minus a few surprises we can’t reveal just yet...

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