Agile Operations Summit: That's a Wrap!

Looking back at the highlights from’s sold-out conference for finance & operations professionals

6 Ways to Become an Agile Ops Pro

It takes a lot to build an agile ops environment in any company. But one of the most important steps to take is focus on your own development as an ...

Agile Operations Summit: Not Your Average Finance Conference

Why bother attending yet another conference? Because the Agile Operations Summit will offer actionable insights into improving the often overlooked ...

3 Agile Ops Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran built her company and her career using the right people, resources and processes — all of which are key principles of agile ...



10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Corporate Travel Management Software

7 Things to Expect at’s Agile Operations Summit

Here’s a few things to expect from our flagship conference — minus a few surprises we can’t reveal just yet...

What is Financial Agile Operations?

Agile has quickly become a buzzword in software development, but it also holds some potential value in the finance world. Enter: financial agile ...

Why you need CPE credits

If you’ve earned a CPA or CISSP certification, you certainly want to maintain it! If you aspire to become a CPA or certified IT security expert, you ...

Painting a ROSE-y Picture

Two CFOs Walk Into a Bar

How to earn free CPE credits

Free is a very good price, as they say, and who wouldn’t agree? As an accounting/finance professional who has earned a CPA, you know more than most ...

Guide To Creating Agile Operations

Financial Automation is Coming Fast

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! 

Finance Lessons from Zoom, Tesla, Intel, and More

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! 

IPOs, Direct Listings, and Billion Dollar Acquisitions

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! 

Spiderman's Finances

It’s another edition of the Weekly Financial Digest! Each week, the team here at Lola bookmarks our favorite articles about corporate finance. Then, ...

Creating a Culture that Scales

  One of the toughest challenges facing growing companies is retaining their unique culture as they grow. The faster that growth, the harder it can ...

The No IPO Week

There aren’t any IPOs this week! But, don’t worry, we still have the “IPO Corner” in this week’s Financial Digest.

The Agile Operations Podcast: Season One

Secrets to rapid scaling and efficient growth from industry experts

The 3 Reasons Killed Our Employee Reviews

How focusing on our 1:1’s allows to be even more agile in our operations. Last week I sat down with our CEO, Mike Volpe to discuss the ...