So You’re Trying to Actually Sleep on the Plane?

So You’re Trying to Actually Sleep on the Plane?

Well, turns out you might be doing it all wrong.

Travel and Leisure asked the right questions so you don’t have to. In their article, frequent flier and director of Factorydesign, London, Adam White, offers up some useful tips for getting better sleep no matter where you’re sitting on the airplane. 

Want the gist? White says it’s important to start with the three key environmental factors that will always affect your quality of sleep, whether you’re in first class or economy. They are: 

1. Temperature 

Make sure you’re at a comfortable temperature. Pile on the blankets and fuzzy socks if necessary, strip down to a base layer and blast the tiny personal A.C. if necessary, or find your happy-medium. 

2. Noise 

Get noise canceling headphones, but don’t actually turn anything on. The noise canceling function should be enough to tune-out the sound of the jet. Don’t have noise canceling headphones? No worries, these days most in-flight entertainment includes a sleep-inducing channel on the radio that will have the same effect. 

3. Light 

White says reducing light when trying to sleep is super important — especially when traveling across different time zones. Your best bet? A high quality sleep mask that will block out any stray lights from a neighbor reading or insisting on leaving the window open.

White also suggests paying attention to not only which seat you choose, but also how you adjust the headrest. That’s right — you’re not doomed to accidentally falling asleep on your helpless neighbor’s shoulder. The headrest on economy seats will bend to cradle your head to help you get some quality shut-eye. Check out the full article here.

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About the Author: Kathleen Burns
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